Our Team

Meet the Innkeepers

Holly Wilson

Pumpkin spiced and Solar Powered. Needs: cupcakes, wine, belly laughs, naps, her kids and lots of animals to cuddle. Loves: Gardening, cooking, (but eating more) interpretive dance parties, cartwheels.

Noah Wilson

Son of Holly. Bedmaker, animal caretaker, chess winner, singer, guitar player, reservation taker. Loves to make up reasons for your visits on your reservation form. Ask what yours is!

Breydon Wilson

Other son of Holly. College student, excellent debater, non-inn resident. Loves: His mama…

inn owner and son with dogs
innkeepers and tandem bike
bed and breakfast owner and dog
dogs of bellaire bed and breakfast


Resident cuddle monster. The goodest, softest, sweetest pup that ever did pup. Loves: All of the pets and belly rubs.


Crazy fur, Mohawk wearing spaz. Loves: Noah

Gerry and Father Bob

Elusive fat cats. Loves: being alone all day to cause much mayhem. You may see us silently judging you from the window sill.